E-Book Collections

Library Catalogue Collection

The easiest way to access e-books is via the Library Catalogue.

The books available to CWPT staff will show a CWPT link. You will need an Athens password and username to access the books. Contact your nearest Trust library and request an Athens account.

For a fuller guide on how to access e-books via the Catalogue click on the link below:
How to access E-Books through the Library Catalogue

For a selection of e-books on psychology and mental health, click the links to the book leaflets below:

A selection of available e-Books for Psychology

A selection of available e-books for Mental Health


Ebsco Collection

Access hundreds of Mental Health, Psychology and Nursing eBooks with your OpenAthens account.

Use keywords in the search box below to find what you are looking for.

Search from over 1,250 eBooks here!


Kortext Collection (Kortext e-books are also available via the Library Catalogue)

Access a wide range of Nursing and Mental Health titles and create your own bookshelf with your OpenAthens account.

Kortext Login

  • Type or select the name of your Trust from Sign in to browse your institution library
  • Sign-in with your OpenAthens username and password
  • Once you have signed with your OA account you will see the ebook discovery page
  • From here, search for ebooks in the Collections tab. Open and read
  • Access the ebooks you have opened in the Books tab
  • After 7 days the book expires and is removed from your bookshelf
  • There is no limit to the number of books you may add  to your bookshelf

Many titles via Kortext are available in ePub format which provides many useful interactive and accessibility features.

This short video demonstrates these  https://youtu.be/ugTEG60ZZAU


E-Book package from Oxford Medicine Online from Oxford University Press (OUP)

Courtesy of Health Education England, NHS staff and students on placement in England have access to 136 OUP medical and healthcare e-books.

How to Access

  1. Go to http://pages.oup.com/hee
  2. Sign in to NHS OpenAthens
  3. If you don’t have an OpenAthens account, please register for one here  https://openathens.nice.org.uk/, or contact your nearest Trust library.
  4. Once signed in, you will be taken directly to the books you have access to.

OUP have developed a range of short training videos on specific topics. Here is the playlist:

Oxford Medicine Content for NHS-HEE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3MAPgqN8JWi-Xu7TZYlR_iC07kzxCq8P

These are all brief videos (approx. 5 minutes) showing you how to access and navigate the e-books on Oxford Medicine Online, starting from logging-in via the NHS HEE/ OUP Landing page.


Do You Need Help!

If you have any problems accessing any of the e-book packages on this page, or need to set up an OpenAthens account, please contact Manor Court Library where a member of staff will be happy to help: Manorcourt.Library@covwarkpt.nhs.uk

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