Annual Report 2022 – 2023

Executive Summary

From April 2022 – March 2023, the Library Service continued to respond and adapt to the challenges and opportunities resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Some elements of remote working and Teams meetings and training have been made permanent and some activities, which were put on hold, were resumed, e.g. Health Information Week.

Throughout this period, we kept the core values of the NHS, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust and the Library Services at the heart of our decision making. Namely, the need to provide quality care to patients with respect, dignity and compassion by ‘delivering the right resources, to the right people at the right time’ (Library Charter).

We also used the HEE Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework as a continual benchmark to ensure our service was underpinned by best practice and delivered clinical excellence at all times. 

Section 2, ‘How we deliver our services’, sets out the guiding principles that sit at the core of our service and underpin our work on a daily basis.

Section 3, ‘Key areas of activity’, outlines the steps we took to adapt and continue to meet the needs of our users and support the Trust, as it continued to negotiate and then emerge from the pandemic. Here, we also highlight some specific tasks the service undertook over the course of the year, including examples of collaborative working across the Trust and the region.

The positive impact and value of the Library and Knowledge Service on delivering clinical excellence and evidence-based support for patient care, service development, research and continued professional development is demonstrated in Section 4, ‘Quality Standards and Performance’.

This includes statistics and feedback gleaned from user surveys, inserts and emails. It also includes information on how our literature search service informed Trust activities and research. These highlight the LKS’s role in mobilising high-quality evidence and knowledge and ultimately improving our patients’ experience.

Section 5, ‘Priorities and Developments for 2023-2024’, discusses developments, challenges, opportunities and aspirations for the LKS over the coming year and identifies areas for continued improvement and adaptation.

Finally, in the Appendix, statistics on membership breakdown are presented.

‘NHS bodies, their staff, learners, patients and the public use the right knowledge and evidence, at the right time, in the right place, enabling high quality decision-making, learning, research and innovation, to achieve excellent healthcare and health improvement.’         (Health Education England)[1]

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