What is it?

KnowledgeShare is our targeted current awareness service. Whenever we find high impact documents in your area, we’ll let you know. This would consist of summarised evidence so you will not be inundated with primary research articles.

Why use it?

We give you the latest high-level evidence in your field.

How does it work?

Your KnowledgeShare profile is created to be as broad or as specific as you need. eg. you
could receive everything published on Autism or limit to receive items related to treatment only

What else can KnowledgeShare do for you?

KnowledgeShare connects health care staff with their local NHS library and knowledge service. Registered users can also use KnowledgeShare to find colleagues with shared interests, helping to spread innovation and collaborate on service improvement.

KnowledgeShare allows members to:

  • Request evidence searches from their LKS and find searches requested by colleagues elsewhere (where permission has been given).
  • Sign up for highly targeted updates based on their professional interests
  • Book onto LKS skills sessions and manage their bookings
  • Connect with colleagues based on shared professional interests

For more information on how KnowledgeShare can be tailored to your needs and assistance getting started, email: or click on the link below, download the form, then click on ‘fill and sign’.

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